Initial Visit: Acupuncture 50 min.

Treatment-Photo1A New Patient Office Visit a full intake with health history review, a discussion of your treatment plan and options, a chance to ask any questions you may have, your acupuncture treatment, and an herbal prescription, if appropriate.

50 min. Initial Treatment     $150
50 min. Follow Up     $125

*Please download and fill out new patient form listed under “Resources” to allow more time for your treatment.

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Initial Visit: Integrated Acupuncture & Manual Therapy

Treatment-Photo5This specialty consists of integrating treatments of acupuncture and therapeutic massage to address external and internal conditions simultaneously.  Includes:

  • Manual therapy/ therapeutic bodywork for specific injury/ focus
  • Acupuncture for specific injury or internal ailment
  • Herbal consultation (if applicable)
  • Initial intake, getting to know patient’s specific needs and plan for treatment

50 min. Initial Treatment     $155
50 min. Integrated Follow Up     $140

80 min. Initial Treatment     $180
80 min. Integrated Follow Up     $165

*Please download and fill out new patient form listed under “Resources” to allow more time for your treatment.

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Manual Therapy / Therapeutic Massage

Treatment-Photo6Manual therapy is a clinical, hands-on approach towards healing, manipulating joints and muscle tissue in order to decrease pain, encompassing but not limited to;

  • Facilitated stretching
  • Trigger-point therapy
  • Deep Tissue therapy
  • Swedish massage

Benefits include many times immediate as well as lasting pain relief, increased mobility and range of motion, and an enhanced quality of life.

50 min.     $125
80 min.     $155

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Nutritional Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation + Acupuncture

Treatment-Photo8A nutritional and herbal consultation may be beneficial for overall health, specific concerns, weight loss, and much more. A nutritional consultation may include:

  1. Nutritional Evaluation
  2. Daily Food Diary to personalize dietary needs
  3. Suggested Liver or Kidney Cleanse
  4. Suggestions for specific supplements and/or
  5. Chinese herbal medicine based on constitution and nutritional needs
  6. Personalized diet based on constitution, daily food diary, and specific needs of patient
  7. Suggestions for emotional support

*If your herbal prescription is an item we stock, you may purchase it on-site.  Custom prescriptions may be ordered from our favorite on-line dispensary and delivered to your door.

Herbal formulas may be designed by the practitioner for each person’s unique constitution, as well as overall health concerns.  With over 320 herbs and herbal formulas, they may work to aid the patient by relieving acute symptoms, as well as supporting and nourishing the body and soul in issues concerning chronic illness.

20 min consultation only     $75
50 minutes consultation + Acupuncture     $125

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I only sell herbs + products from safe, effective herbal companies.