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Tami R.

Tami R.

I came to Melinda mainly to deal with migraines and acid reflux that I had recently started getting and were increasing in frequency. My regular doctors were not being very helpful at all, just prescribing medicines and recommending expensive procedures, after 5 to 10 minute consults. I am fairly young and not overweight and exercise regularly, so it seemed weird to suddenly get on a bunch of medications. So I found online that acupuncture can help my issues, and I saw Melinda’s high ratings on yelp and gave it a try. Melinda has a great way with patients and spent more time with me on my first visit than my doctors had, and suggested dietary changes and herbs along with acupuncture. I was extremely skeptical, but felt like it was worth a try. After a few weeks of acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes, my migraines went away completely and my stomach issues were a good 75% better, plus my allergies were better, I lost 10 pounds, was sleeping better and my skin was clearer.

It is more expensive than co-pays for doctor’s visits and prescriptions, but I feel like if I had continued down the path I was on it would have ended up requiring surgeries and more and more medicines. The cost is most definitely worth the higher quality of life. I highly recommend Melinda and her acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It is a great complement to western medicine, which is great if you’re very very sick, but not so great helping you maintain general health and address chronic issues. Melinda in particular takes a genuine interest in improving my health, and always approaches each visit with a great attitude and lots of energy – she is definitely a healer.

Melinda is a great massage therapist, too, but I’ve decided to spend my money on acupuncture and herbs since I’ve seen such great results with both (along with some major dietary changes she recommended.) Thanks to Melinda I feel like I’m on a much better and healthier path for life.

I only sell herbs + products from safe, effective herbal companies.