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Natalia S.

Natalia S.

Melinda Wiggins is wonderful!

I came to her because I needed an acupuncturist who I could really trust to help me with a health problem that had been nagging me for years. Doctors had always prescribed me drugs and I finally had enough of the synthetic chemicals they gave me to supposedly make me healthier. I decided to give traditional Chinese medicine a try because, as Melinda explained, it was a more natural and holistic approach to my problem. I’m the kind of person that believes that if you mess with nature too much, it will mess with you right back.

Melinda started me on the right track immediately by going over everything in detail. She assured me that acupuncture was great for treating my particular conditions. After taking some supplements made from seeds and fish oil, I was noticing a difference after one week. By the end of the four week treatment plan, I felt better than ever and my problem was actually GONE! My doctor was astounded and had never seen such a thing.

I now recommend Melinda to everyone. She is amazing!

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