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Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth B.

Melinda is amazing. Her kindness and warmth, in addition to her massage and acupuncture skills make her a wonderful healer. I first met her after my friend gave me a gift certificate for a massage. It was the best massage ever and I had many massages over the years. She knew exactly the amount of pressure to use and where the problems were with my muscles.

After that great experience I decided to undergo acupuncture treatment for infertility. My husband and I had been trying for two years with no success and I wasn’t ready for anything more invasive. I am now pregnant! Melinda’s treatments were so positive and relaxing it helped me through a stressful time. She also encouraged me to minimize sugar and processed foods which has been helpful to both weightloss and energy levels.

She is open minded, caring, and professional and simply fantastic.

I only sell herbs + products from safe, effective herbal companies.