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Catherine F.

Catherine F.

I have chronic neck and shoulder pains being a laptop user on the go. I have tried many, many massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists for the past ten years in L.A. and in S.F. Melinda is the only massage therapist who can fix my problems consistently. I see her every other week, and it makes a huge difference to alleviate the stress and pain that may build up. Her technique to combine body work and acupuncture is unique and for me, it provides a longer relief. I walk out of her session with full range of neck motion – amazing! She also fixes me when I get occasional lower back pains.

If you are looking for deep tissue body work, don’t bother with the fancy spas. I have tried all these places, and the pain comes back the next day. You need to see Melinda. Her new location also has good parking. Her schedule can get busy because she gets good referrals from her clients. I would recommend to get on her calendar regularly if you can.

I only sell herbs + products from safe, effective herbal companies.