Nutrition, Weight Loss, & Acupuncture

veggies-on-scaleNutritional Evaluation is an important part of the acupuncture treatment of any disorder including weight loss, as diet affects all aspects of life and healing.  If a patient is willing to focus on balancing their food intake, an individual nutrition plan may be designed based on:

  1. Constitution of patient
  2. Daily lifestyle
  3. Specific dietary needs

These suggestions and tools will be made available for patients:

  1. Specific dietary consult for overall health
  2. Specific dietary consult for specific concerns
  3. Dietary advice for weight loss
  4. Daily Food Diary
    *given to patient to chart daily food intake
    *evaluated for analysis of patient’s dietary needs
  5. Personalized dietary suggestions to fit patient’s needs
  6. Alternatives to patient’s current diet to enable efficient nutritional intake
  7. Specific suggestions for liver or kidney cleanse
  8. Specific foods available for purchase or suggestions for easy integration of dietary improvements

I only sell herbs + products from safe, effective herbal companies.