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This woman is seriously amazing. I started seeing her several months ago for a TMJ issue I’ve had for 25+ years and the associated pain/headaches that come along with this problem. Melinda greeted me with the warmest energy and walked me through her recommended approach with such genuine compassion for healing this problem. I remember going home to my sweetie that night and saying “She is the sweetest person ever!” She helped me with my pain and to identify ways to alleviate it myself. Note I have seen at least 4 dentists/specialists for this issue over the years and none have helped due to their aggressive techniques that attempted to force my jaw back to where they thought it should be. Not knocking dentists here (I also love my dentist), but the treatment I needed was the path Melinda showed me and a reminder to take care of all parts of my body. I recently have been getting treatment for what I now know is a bulge between two of my vertebrae that was causing painful ‘electric shocks’ several times a day. Through massage, acupuncture and homework assigned by Melinda I have reduced the pain to zero…ZERO! Sometimes I can’t tell if she is just a miracle worker or practices some kind of magic. Either way, I am so happy that I have her in my life to keep my body healthy and feeling good. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

I have chronic neck and shoulder pains being a laptop user on the go. I have tried many, many massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists for the past ten years in L.A. and in S.F. Melinda is the only massage therapist who can fix my problems consistently. I see her every other week, and it makes a huge difference to alleviate the stress and pain that may build up. Her technique to combine body work and acupuncture is unique and for me, it provides a longer relief. I walk out of her session with full range of neck motion – amazing! She also fixes me when I get occasional lower back pains.

If you are looking for deep tissue body work, don’t bother with the fancy spas. I have tried all these places, and the pain comes back the next day. You need to see Melinda. Her new location also has good parking. Her schedule can get busy because she gets good referrals from her clients. I would recommend to get on her calendar regularly if you can.

My daughter recommended Melinda after I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a year ago.    I am very happy to say that Melinda’s kind compassionate acupuncture and massage has contributed to my current state of remission.  She is a natural healer.  I have recently started having facials and facial accupuncture for my aging facial lines  with Melinda.   My  facial muscles have relaxed and after each session I look younger.  She goes directly to the root of the problem without needles or fillers.  Another insight into this marvelous healer is that Melinda is a musician who comes from a marvelous large loving family so do yourself a big favor and make an immediate appointment  with Melinda.

Melinda is simply incredible. Her skill and professionalism is rare today. She excels in all of her disciplines, especially  acupuncture and massage. I’ve many skeletal and muscle problems and she has relieved the pain and spasms that have occured.
I highly recommend her for medical problems as well as for a general  sense of well being and comfort. I’ve been her client for almost two years and frankly could not do without her care and concern. I attribute my healthy progress to her talents.

Melinda Wiggins is wonderful!

I came to her because I needed an acupuncturist who I could really trust to help me with a health problem that had been nagging me for years. Doctors had always prescribed me drugs and I finally had enough of the synthetic chemicals they gave me to supposedly make me healthier. I decided to give traditional Chinese medicine a try because, as Melinda explained, it was a more natural and holistic approach to my problem. I’m the kind of person that believes that if you mess with nature too much, it will mess with you right back.

Melinda started me on the right track immediately by going over everything in detail. She assured me that acupuncture was great for treating my particular conditions. After taking some supplements made from seeds and fish oil, I was noticing a difference after one week. By the end of the four week treatment plan, I felt better than ever and my problem was actually GONE! My doctor was astounded and had never seen such a thing.

I now recommend Melinda to everyone. She is amazing!

Melinda is a miracle worker!  I’ve had chronic allergies for years…cats, dust, wheat, nuts, mold – you name it. I’ve been seeing Melinda now for over a year and now I live with a cat and can breath freely on a regular basis. In addition, she regularly combines herbs, acupuncture and massage to calm me down and release the severe anxiety I carry after working with difficult teenagers all day. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know and I never miss an appointment.

If you are reluctant to try accupunture, she is the one to go to. She clearly explains what she is doing and why.  It really helps. Make an appointment today!

Seriously? I feel great! I don’t know how you packed in that much feeling good! Acupuncture was neat, want to learn more. And I’ve never had a massage that involved stretching… I can tell that’s a huge part of why I woke up feeling so good. While you have a million talents, I’m thankful you do this for a living because you are truly a healer!

Melinda is wonderful! She does a flawless job of integrating massage and traditional Chinese medicine with warmth, poise, and professionalism.

I first met Melinda when she was a student at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley and was incredibly impressed with her bedside manner and thoroughness. I felt so much better after each weekly session and credit not only her knowledge of TCM, but her integration with touch, as her massages are incredible.

I highly, highly recommend Melinda! (And, wish I still lived in the East Bay so that I could see her!)

I’ve seen many massage therapists in my life, and Melinda is probably the best.  I’ve only seen her a few times, but I’m very impressed.  I went to her with neck/shoulder and hamstring issues.  She knows the body like nobody else I’ve seen and narrowed in on the problem.  She has spent extra time with me, coaching me on exercises and stretches to do on my own.  Plus, her space is nice and clean and she is a very pleasant and personable human being.  As a bonus, she helped our nanny with her TMJ at a discount.  Melinda was quite generous in this regard and her work helped our nanny quite a bit.  Only praise for Melinda.

I agree wholeheartedly with what the other two reviewers have written.  I have TMJ (jaw pain), neck and shoulder pain, and Melinda is the only one who has helped me manage it!  I started seeing her a couple of years ago when she was a student at the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College and have followed her around since then.  In addition to being a skilled healer, she is a very caring and wonderful person who really gets to know her patients.  Love Melinda!

I’ve been seeing Melinda for acupuncture and therapeutic massage for several weeks and she has helped me so much with intense pain I have from sitting too much and working long hours at my computer.

I love the combination of acupuncture and bodywork that she specializes in, I hadn’t experienced that before and it really works well for me.  She know so much about Chinese Medicine, physical therapy, bodywork and nutrition, and I trust her completely.

Her office in San Rafael is beautiful, clean and relaxing.  Parking is super easy and there is a great juice place right nearby that I love to stop at before.

On top of all that, she is THE most amazing, wonderful person, so genuinely caring, thoughtful and generous with her time.  It is so obvious that she is a born healer, caretaker and woman of great medicine.

I started going to Melinda for massage about a year ago. She has helped to manage my chronic back, neck, leg, and feet pain. I have seen chiropractors, physical therapist and other massage therapists, but none have helped until Melinda.  I see Melinda twice a week for acupuncture.  I walk in with pain and stress from work, and I walk out feeling relaxed with less pain.  I work nights, so her acupuncture treatments also help with my insomnia. I have female problems and she has been able to help with herbs, something my OB/GYN could not do. She is professional, and she takes time to get to know you and your needs. Melinda is unique in that she really cares about her clients and makes you feel comfortable, especially if it’s your first time you are trying acupuncture. I went in thinking I was going to feel like a pin cushion, but she made me feel so relaxed that  I fell asleep!  If you’re feeling any type of pain, I recommend that you try her just once and decide for yourself. I think she is wonderful.

Melinda and I first started working together three years ago for a chronic hip injury and general muscle tension from stress. Since then I’ve never been healthier. My hip is much much better after nearly 15 years of struggle and my body feels great every time I leave her office.  More than anything its her caring attitude and that she truly embodies the mentality of a healer. She will listen to your concerns and work with you to bring you to your optimal level of health.   I highly recommend her for anyone looking for someone who will always strive to help you become a healthier you.

Melinda is amazing. Her kindness and warmth, in addition to her massage and acupuncture skills make her a wonderful healer. I first met her after my friend gave me a gift certificate for a massage. It was the best massage ever and I had many massages over the years. She knew exactly the amount of pressure to use and where the problems were with my muscles.

After that great experience I decided to undergo acupuncture treatment for infertility. My husband and I had been trying for two years with no success and I wasn’t ready for anything more invasive. I am now pregnant! Melinda’s treatments were so positive and relaxing it helped me through a stressful time. She also encouraged me to minimize sugar and processed foods which has been helpful to both weightloss and energy levels.

She is open minded, caring, and professional and simply fantastic.

My husband and I have been seeing Melinda regularly for deep tissue work for about 8 years. It takes trust to let someone do really deep therapeutic work and Melinda is the only body worker in whom I have had that complete trust. Melinda has managed and healed a myriad of injuries from my active lifestyle, from a wrist tendonitis related to computer work, to achilles tendonitis, chronic hamstring problems, and sciatica. I have recently begun acupuncture work with her as well, and have complete trust in her acupuncture also. Melinda’s work is personally tailored to your needs, and I truly feel that without her biweekly therapy I would not be as pain-free and healthy as I am.


I made an appointment with Melinda after suffering from significant neck pain causing me agonizing arm pain. I had a previous visit to the local emergency room, and was prescribed pain medication. The medication alleviated the pain temporarily, but did nothing to fix the cause of the pain. I made an appointment with Melinda, and after a short consultation, she began a treatment of deep tissue massage and acupuncture. I was a skeptic. After the initial visit I noticed a significant decrease in the pain I had in my neck and arm. She did a follow up treatment, and I am happy to report that I have not had ANY of the pain return. I am now a believer. She is very knowledge, professional, friendly, and she adheres to all safety requirements. As a bonus…she has awesome music in her treatment room that enhances the experience. I would encourage anyone thinking about acupuncture, deep tissue massage, or both, to schedule an appointment with her sooner rather than later.
Thank you for healing me, Melinda !

Melinda is amazing! She is so knowledgeable, friendly, sweet and kind! I have had many massages in my life, but none compared to her massage and acupuncture. She doesn’t just make you feel relaxed but if you are having pain, she alleviates it. I went in there with chronic pain as a result of TMJ. I could not even put a finger in my mouth because it would not open wide enough. By the time I left her office, my mouth could fit  a finger! I felt instant relief! The next morning my pain subsided by nearly 50%! I nearly cried out of joy! I have not eaten for a week and I actually ate today!!!!!

Melinda has been my “healer” for 3 months now.  She is kind, patient and very wise.
She has guided me through major nutritional changes and has contributed to my increased energy, sleep and general good attitude.
She has done this with acupressure and herbs (I get acupuncture elsewhere).  I had a significant digestive issues which are much improved.  When your tummy feels better, the whole world is better.
She encourages me to check in with her and believe me, she is not about the money, she is very giving of her time and efforts.

Melinda is absolutely amazing!! She takes the time to comprehensively ask you about your lifestyle, food intake, sleep patterns, etc. She has a genuine concern and commitment to help. Overall very compassionate and friendly. Every time I leave here, I feel so relaxed and calm followed by the best night’s sleep. The room and bed is very comfortable and warm and I thoroughly enjoy my visits. Melinda not also does acupuncture, but she’s also very knowledgable of Chinese herbs/teas and gives EXCELLENT therapeutic massages. I highly recommend her to everybody!!!

I have been seeing Melinda for almost two years now and I can’t say enough good things about her.  I have sent many friends to her, all of which continually describe her as wonderful and amazing.  I look forward to every visit not only because I know I will feel better after but because Melinda is also just a pleasure to be around.

Melinda is a truly holistic practitioner.  She is dedicated to her practice and continues to push herself to understand even deeper levels of medicine.  Sometimes diagnosing health issues is difficult but Melinda will always go the extra length to find solutions to ailments.

She lives and breathes her work and she makes the world a better place.  I highly recommend her work.  With her knowledge of anatomy, massage therapy, acupuncture, Western and herbal medicine, she can tackle almost any problem you might have.

Melinda is an amazing healer and has extensive knowledge in massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.  She takes great care to listen to your needs and customize each treatment to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

I’ve been receiving treatments from Melinda for many years.  Most recently I’ve been seeing her for chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and forearm from too many years of working at a computer and traveling.  In addition to the massage I typically receive, I always get an acupuncture treatment with each visit. The acupuncture she does on my neck and shoulders takes the healing to the next level and really alleviates the pain that builds up. She is gentle with  her needling and always knows just the right points to produce the needed relief.

Melinda’s goal is to heal people as thoroughly as possible.  She has recommended some supplements/herbs that have really made a difference for my aches as well as energy level.  And one of the most important things she provides is a caring, comfortable, and healing environment.

Go see her if you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort. You won’t be sorry.

Melinda’s massage work is awesome. I have never had such relief from a massage before in my neck, shoulders, arms, and hips. She really knows her stuff and is very personable. I highly recommend her!!

Melina is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Not only is she knowladgeble about the human body and incredible at exploring differential diagnosis, she is one of the most kind hearted individuals I have ever met. Her ability to connect with clients both physically and mentally is unheard of in this profession. I have had back pain for about 12 years. I had bulged a disk and fractured my lower back. I have been through all sorts of injections and nothing has worked until now. For the first time in 12 years I have minimal to NO back pain and I just can not Thank Melinda enough! If you go to her you will not be disappointed!!!!

Melinda and I first started working together three years ago. I am a truck driver and also play soccer twice a week I start to have a lot pain in my lower back and shoulders and some muscle tension  do to lifting all the boxes. Since then I’ve never been healthier my body feels great I am a pain free person.  She is a really caring person that always do her best and have a very positive attitude. She will listen to your concerns and work with you to bring you to your best level of health and her office it’s really well located the room has a really nice and relaxing vibe. I definitely recommended it’s a money we’ll spend.

Melinda is an amazing body worker, I was comfortable receiving acupuncture from her. I left her office feeling very relaxed and feeling a lot better from all my aches and pains. I’m definitely coming back to see her on a regular basis.

If you want a proper massage, one that actually makes a difference, one done by someone who really, really knows what she’s doing, go to Melinda. I’ve had a lot of treatments over the years for neck and shoulder problems and Melinda is miles ahead of anyone else. Her massages are superb; she’s also very knowledgeable, personable and keen to understand problem areas and help you feel better. Highly recommended.

Practical info: her office is on Solano Avenue, easy street parking. Pleasant waiting area with water, tea and restroom. Take Marin Ave to avoid Solano traffic.

My wife and I have been getting massage and body work — and more recently acupuncture — from Melinda for eight years now.  She is terrific.  She knows both of our bodies — and all of our stresses and aches and pains — very well and has worked with each of us to help with various soft tissue problems and injuries.  We have our own massage table, and so she comes to our home every two weeks.  She is a wonderful, caring person who understands body work and healing at a deep level.  We both highly recommend her, and have introduced her to a number of friends.  Thanks for taking such good care of us Melinda!

Melinda is my good witch! I started seeing her two years ago while I was going through a very difficult time both physically and emotionally. I was seeking relief from debilitating PMS and interested in attaining emotional balance. She assisted me towards that goal with a smile, patience, and very strong hands! Although her background is in non-traditional/non-western medicine, I believe Melinda is a true modern healthcare practitioner. She does a thorough intake assessment and considers your entire being when customizing your unique regimen with her. I have left my sessions with her feeling: otherworldly, peaceful, heightened, calm, grounded, and euphoric…to name a few.  Additionally, she is thoughtful in booking her practice, so you will never feel rushed, or hurried, or that she is pressed for time during your meeting. I have recommended friends, family and strangers to her and I will continue to do so because I have full confidence in her abilities as a true healer. I am definitely not the same person who sought her assistance two years ago-I am a better one for her work on me.

I came to Melinda mainly to deal with migraines and acid reflux that I had recently started getting and were increasing in frequency. My regular doctors were not being very helpful at all, just prescribing medicines and recommending expensive procedures, after 5 to 10 minute consults. I am fairly young and not overweight and exercise regularly, so it seemed weird to suddenly get on a bunch of medications. So I found online that acupuncture can help my issues, and I saw Melinda’s high ratings on yelp and gave it a try. Melinda has a great way with patients and spent more time with me on my first visit than my doctors had, and suggested dietary changes and herbs along with acupuncture. I was extremely skeptical, but felt like it was worth a try. After a few weeks of acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes, my migraines went away completely and my stomach issues were a good 75% better, plus my allergies were better, I lost 10 pounds, was sleeping better and my skin was clearer.

It is more expensive than co-pays for doctor’s visits and prescriptions, but I feel like if I had continued down the path I was on it would have ended up requiring surgeries and more and more medicines. The cost is most definitely worth the higher quality of life. I highly recommend Melinda and her acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It is a great complement to western medicine, which is great if you’re very very sick, but not so great helping you maintain general health and address chronic issues. Melinda in particular takes a genuine interest in improving my health, and always approaches each visit with a great attitude and lots of energy – she is definitely a healer.

Melinda is a great massage therapist, too, but I’ve decided to spend my money on acupuncture and herbs since I’ve seen such great results with both (along with some major dietary changes she recommended.) Thanks to Melinda I feel like I’m on a much better and healthier path for life.

My husband has been a client of Melinda’s for 3+ years and he referred me to her last winter to take care of a calf injury I got from running.  I was frightened & skeptical of acupuncture.  I am a convert now and through this Yelp review I want to tell the world  Melinda is an awesome practitioner.  She is effective, professional, intuitive, nurturing, and so much more.  In a nutshell, she’s one of a kind and I offer her & her practice a ton of praise and gratitude.

I’ve been going to Melinda for years and I can say, hands down, that she is amazing.  I am a terrible sleeper, suffering from night sweats.   With her acupuncture combined with herbal medicine my sleep has improved and  the night sweats are a distant memory.  Melinda is a true and experienced healer and all the people I have recommended her have become long-time clients as well.  Her professionalism and kindness are as prominent as her knowledge.

Melinda has helped me manage the pain and soreness from spending way too much time in front of a computer.  She has done some amazing things with acupuncture, massage, herbs, supplements, stretching and exercises.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner for dealing with my constant achiness.

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